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What is campaign finance?

The need of political parties in a country plays a major role in judging and establishing the economic growth of the country. And thus, it is important to promote such political leaders and candidates. The capital that is raised with the mission of promoting the same is termed as campaign finance.

Expenditures included in campaign finance

Following are some major aspects covered under campaign finance:

  • Travel cost of the candidates
  • Political consulting
  • Communication costs for media outlets

What is private financing?

Under private financing, the candidates and the political parties raise their own funds to run their campaign. Under such scenario, the candidates consumes most of their time in raising money for their campaign. Such an approach is called private financing

What is public financing

In some part of the world, the political parties are supported by the government and hence are provided with public financing regulated under the government regulations. The involvement of the present governing party plays a vital role in spending money for their personal favorite political parties to win elections in long run.

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