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What is calibration?

It is important to achieve the consistency of measurement for any instrument. The most significant statistical method to perform the same is known as calibration.

Calibration helps in achieving the relationship between the reference values from one or more to the instrument response.

What is Inverse regression?

Regression on the other hand is very significant and major perspective in statistics that helps in the estimation of the unknown value of one variable which is based on the known value of the other variable.

Major applications of calibration and regression

The two major applications of calibration and regression statistical study can be seen in business and economics study. The study of the relationship between two variables helps in estimating the cost functions, demand and supply graphs and curves and so on.

How are students benefited by this subject?

Since calibration and regression is a statistical study of the variable, students with economics and numeric interest can become the major contributor in the economic study of the country in their future.

Such titles helps in gathering and understanding the data record of the country and business aspects in the country for the better performance.

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