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What is Calendar Ratio?

With the increasing strategies and role plays in the stock and forex trading terminal, calendar ratio back spread is one such platform that provides unlimited profit potential along with low risk profiling.

Depending on the trader’s directional bias, calendar ratio uses the strategy of options which is generally constructed using the puts or calls as per the demand of the situation.

Some trader’s find this strategy to be very complex, but in a longer run, the trading on such options strategy is fairly simple with tremendous profits on the long options.

How is it different from traditional calendar spread?

Ration calendar spread is a purchase of large number of options with the expiration which is later month than the front month options that the analyst sells signifying the ratio of buy to sell options.

Advantage of ratio calendar spread:

The strategies used in the critical point are that the short options will lose the value before the long options. Such a situation brings a tremendous advantage in this strategy which lesser risk and unlimited profitability.

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