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Introduction to calculus

Calculus is derived from a Latin word calculus, which means “small stone. Calculus is a part of modern mathematics study. Just like Geometry is the study of shape and Algebra is the study of generalization of arithmetic formulas, same way calculus is the study of constant change.


Calculus is basically divided into two main types:

  • Differential Calculus:

Differential calculus is the study of the rates of the change in the quantities. In other words, differential calculus that part of calculus which deals with the properties and the application of the derivatives and differentials.

  • Integral Calculus:

Integral calculus, being the other branch of calculus, is said to be the study of the definitions, properties and applications of the following two concepts:

  • Indefinite integral, which can also be said as an anti-derivative,
  • Definite integral, where the calculation points function as input and the output is number

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