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What is Butterworth filter?

Butterworth filter is a type of signal processing filter which is also known as a maximally flat magnitude filter.  This filter is designed to achieve a flat frequency response in a passband. Butterworth filter comes under linear continuous time filter which is among one of the many filters used for signal processing.

What does this filter design signify?

Butterworth filter is basically designed for the control systems or communication systems. The main idea for this filter’s utilization is shaping frequency spectrum of a signal.

What are the topologies which help Butterworth filter designs?

There are various topologies which are used to actualize Butterworth filter designs. Among those 2 prominent topologies include:

  1. Sallen Key topology

Here, Butterworth filter acts as a linear analog filter is used for actualizing active and passive components. In this case, active components are like,

  • Operational amplifiers
  • Capacitors
  • Resistors
  1. Cauer topology

In this case, passive components are used to realize Butterworth filter.  In this topology, effective passive components are,

  • Shun capacitors
  • Series inductors

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What are the various applications used by this filter?

  • Digital Butterworth filters are utilized for motion analysis
  • Creation of radar target track display by using this filter
  • In high-quality audio application, these filters are used
  • It is utilized as anti-aliasing filters. Butterworth filter is used in applications to convert data

Problems faced by students

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  • Difficulty in comprehending the actual concept of this filter
  • Complications in solving various numerical and equations
  • Less info regarding transfer function
  • Lack of examples for better understanding

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