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What do you mean by building technology?

Building technology is the study in engineering that deals with designs of buildings. It is also known as architectural technology. The demand is increasing day by day, because new designs along with the latest materials used can create something elegant. So, the technology challenges, and thus the interaction of people around the world is increasing day by day.

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What is the prime requirement of the study building technology?

The prime motto of this study is to enhance the knowledge of different parts and how to design and make the building suitable according to the demand. Only with the proper skill, a person can draw it properly and it gets passed in an official way to start working on it.

One more important mater is building technology covers the different areas and materials are important for them. Now, the demand of this study is increasing only because of grabbing the various latest technologies. A number of programs are there to develop the way of study.

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What are the different terms and concept affect building technology?

The building technology is associated with many other factors as  –

  • Architectural design
  • Building material
  • Building control
  • Environmental technologies applied for it

Along with these the parts of building that makes the study more complex are –

  • Design of roofs along with a number of different materials and thus waterproof, insulating and proper strength.
  • Floor materials according to the need and budget as well as environmental impact on it.
  • Walls design with proper material and tiles and other materials used are very important.

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