Acquire an Exact Motto of the Brand Equity from Subject Matter Experts

Brand Equity is a part of Finance in which the value premium is generated by a company. It means its value depends on its brand name or a recognizable name. In this part the brand identifies the product’s reliability. So anyone must go with these products rather than the general one that does not ensure its quality. Assignments are provided to the students to clear its exact meaning along with many other terms.

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What is the main aim of brand equity?

A company creates brand equity to make the products easily recognizable and memorable. It also has the aim to make it popular by enhancing its reliability for the customers by signifying its highest quality. Creating brands also get help through the Mass  Marketing Campaign, which is the performance and strength of a company.

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What are the basic components of Brand Equity?

The basic components of Brand equity are as follows –

  • Consumer perception
  • Negative or positive effects
  • The resulting value

This is the prime one in which perception and knowledge both are important. If the impact is positive, the company earns profit, but in case it is negative, there would be an opposite result. In case of its positive impact its value can easily be improved.

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What are the different points and concepts related to a brand?

Different components of Brand Equity are as follows –

  • Firm level
  • Product level
  • Consumer Level
  • Positive brand equity
  • Negative Brand Equity
  • Branding strategies
  • Individual Branding
  • Family Branding
  • Intangible value
  • Tangible value
  • Brand Reinforcement
  • Maintaining Brand Consistency
  • Brand models

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