Books of Original Entry: Know the Process of Setting One!

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Understanding the concept of books of original entry:

This is one segment of accountancy that is associated with keeping of accounts and associated transaction details. While a business deal is taking place, certain details have to be noted for further reference.

Thus, Books of original entry is that set of accounting journals which is used for recording these initial business transactions. It is further summarized and then directly posted to the general ledger.  The best part of books of original entry assignment help is that they provide a set of illustrations and examples, which is extremely important for a student to understand. Once, these doubts are clarified, this subject becomes comparatively easier.

What is the major problem faced by students?

  1. In most cases, students are not aware as ton which portion of the transaction is to be summarized and which to be left out. The division that is there is done in a very superficial manner.
  2. In most cases, teachers do not explain the concepts to students in detail which cause them to confuse between the credit and debit side of the ledger. Thus, final calculations that are made cannot be tallied.

In such a scenario, with books of original entry homework help, students can get understand for themselves, which the point is to be noted and which to be left out.

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