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Importance of Book-keeping

Book-keeping concept is mostly used in the fields of accounting and finance. So if you need Book-keeping Assignment Help then you can contact us and we promise that all your doubts will get solved and you will be able to finish your work on time. Let us see the importance of this topic-

  • Book-keeping is the act of systematic recording of financial transactions and it is a part of the overall accounting process in any business entity.
  • Book-keeping involves recording all transactions related to purchase, sale, payments and receipts in the respective books that relates to any entity, whether an organization or an individual. So this is a very important concept to understand for accounting and finance students.
  • There can be single entry book keeping system or double entry book keeping system but generally the overall process of recording the financial transactions is called as bookkeeping process.
  • It helps to keep a record of all the important aspects related to business and by looking at the books you can know about the complete financial picture of any entity and how it is performing.
  • Bookkeeping process will enable to bring the books of accounts to the stage of trial balance from which later on profit and loss statement and balance sheet can be prepared. Thus you can say bookkeeping helps in preparation of accounts.
  • So you can say it is the initial and basic step towards preparing the financial statements. Clarity about this topic will make sure that you are able to understand all the other topics related to financial information with a lot of ease.

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