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Explaining the term “bond”

Bond is known to be a debt investment where investors are efficient to loan money to entity and this is related to corporate and governmental investment. This enables investor to borrow funds for a specified time at any variable and fixed interest rate. Bonds are adopted by many companies, sovereign governments and municipalities that help to raise money and also finance different projects and activities. Owners of bonds are known as debt holders and creditors of issuer.

Learn about features of bonds

There are different features of bond that you would learn once you look forward to our bond features homework help:

  1. Fixed maturity dates:

Bonds come along with a maturity dates that may vary depending on the plan whether it is short term, long term or intermediate bonds.

  1. Credit ratings:

This helps to assess the risk associated with any bonds and this is possible by just looking into its rating that is offered by bond rating agencies.

  1. Minimum investment:

You will learn that there is a lower limit of bonds which is not entitled to investment.

  1. Interest payments:

There are three types of payment: (i) fixed rate where bond holders are eligible for getting assured sum. (ii) Floating rate in such case interest rates changes (iii) Zero coupon bonds where you will not find any payment of interest.

Benefits of bonds

Our bond features assignment help will make you aware of different benefits gained through bonds:

  1. The active and large bond markets contains certain element of liquidity
  2. Bonds can be said to be a reliable source of current income and this depends on structure of bond that you buy
  3. In case the bonds are sold before maturity, then you may either receive more or less based on principal investment as the values fluctuate

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