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The boiler is a closed vessel to heat water or other fluids. After considerable heat is supplied, the boiler converts fluid into vaporized fluid and this exit from the boiler for various purposes. Students find it hard to compete with different boiler procedures and the facts involved in using the boilers. You can take considerable support to do your homework and understand the concepts in a better way. Boiler assignment help definitely supports students in making sense of different concepts and procedures include in heating.


The pressure vessel that is used in powerplants is called boiler and used to produce steam is often made of steel or alloy steel. Boilers are of various types, and it depends on:

  1. Tube-type
  2. Type of arrangement
  3. Tube-type:

This explains the fact how the tubes get heated to produce steam. In this context, tube-type boilers are subdivided into two:

  1. Water-tube boiler
  2. Fire-tube boiler

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  1. Type of arrangement:

This defines the arrangement of boiler structure. Boilers are made to develop steam in various ways. In this type, it is subdivided into:

  1. Horizontal boiler
  2. Vertical boiler

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Another important thing that comes while using boiler operations is its safety. Students have to learn how to increase the efficiency of a boiler and its safety measures. For this, you have to deal with:

  • Boiler accessories:

Boiler accessoriesare those devices that are installed to increase the efficiency of a boiler, it includes:

  1. Feed water pump
  2. Economizer
  • Air preheater
  1. Superheater
  2. Steam trap

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  • Boiler mountings

Boiler mountings are those devices that are mounted on the surface of theboiler to maximize safety during operations. It includes:

  1. Safety valve
  2. Water level indicator
  • Pressure gauge
  1. Feed check valve
  2. Main hole

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