03 Jul Vivid Vision of Newton’s Laws and Their Applications

17th century British physicist and mathematician Sir Isaac Newton was a maverick figure from the scientific revolution. Today, more than 300 years since his time, much of our fundamental understanding of modern physics and mathematics still depends on his works. Among the countless branches in academics...

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03 Jul Top 5 Benefits of Learning C Programming

Definition of C programming: C programming is a computer language used to make various mathematical operations for different sectors. This programming language is the most widely used language which is used for different functions. Basically, it is the union of high-level and assembly language.   Best 5 advantageous...

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03 Jul How to Become an a Grade Student in College?

This is a common question frequently asked by students before second semester. Initial days of college are very exciting, vulnerability remains at its peak. People get busy in socializing, which ultimately effects the first semester. (Exceptions are always there) So after the shocking results, it...

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