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Biweekly Gross Pay Distribution and Time off Reports 

To understand and complete this assignment, a student needs to follow the procedure of understanding the following sectors:

  • What is Biweekly Gross Pay?

Biweekly is the gross pay earned by an employee in every two weeks before deduction of taxes from your numbers.

  • Procedure and distribution of weekly gross payment

Under this procedure, the weekly gross payment is calculates as per periods of working days with annual pay of the employee.

  • Required Time off Reports

Time Off sheet plays a significant role in gross payment calculation especially if the biweekly distribution is as per hourly work done. Under time off sheet, employer is able to gather the complete information about signing in and out of employee.

  • Factors included in preparing the report

Though the time off report is expected to be same every day with mentioned timing of signing in and out; but need to be analyzed properly if incase of any day off or time out on a half day of the employee. Such factors are measure consideration in calculating the gross payment.

  • Cycle of procedure and approval of gross pay distribution

Gross pay distribution is approved and processed by the senior management responsible for decision making. The initial approval from the Human Resource and teal leader is required. Once approved, the authorize signatory from finance department release gross payment for the employees.

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