Best Ways to Enhance Time Management Skills of a Student

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Time management is a skill!Everyone does not achieve it and those who have achieved it already are living a peaceful and prospering life. Time management is necessary for all people, and it is of utmost importance to students. Do you often end up with many assignments, projects, exam preparation, etc. all at a time? In this kind of situation, it is obvious that a person will lose his mind. They suffer from anxiety and frustration. This is natural!

How is time wasted?

But you know how this situation arises? If you track down your activity since the beginning of your academic session, you should find out that you must have wasted much useful time doing some irrelevant or less important activity. Had you utilized your time properly? You would not have ended up with such a huge workload and the following frustration period.

This situation gets worse when exams are knocking at your door, and you still have got lots of assignments and homework to complete before you start with your preparation.

How to avoid?

In order to avoid these situations, you can take help from the following points discussed that are the best ways to enhance time management skills of a student.

  • First and foremost thing that you have to do is list down all the pending tasks that you need to complete. This will seem weird initially because one might say that he or she remembers all the things that have to be done. But trust me, I have seen lots and lots of students who often miss out many important tasks and remember them in the night before that work needs to be submitted.
  • To avoid such situations, take a little time out of your daily work to make a ‘to-do’ list, and you will not have to take the pain of recalling what the things you have to do are.
  • In this world where technology is flourishing to its best, take advantage of the smartphone that resides in your pocket. You smartphone must have an organizing tool such as a planner or at least calendar.
  • Create reminders of all the high priority work you have got so that you do not forget them at any cost.
  • Meanwhile, realize and fix a particular time in a day when you have no work at all, and you can give your best for any work. This is the time when you need to study since your mind is not occupied with any other thoughts and you can give 100% attention that time. Socializing is very important, but that should not come at the cost of your daily adequate sleeping period.
  • You should dedicate around 8 to 10 hours every day for studying, working, socializing or for anything else. If you have no part-time job, you should have around 35 hours every week for studies including the time you spend in your institution.
  • It may happen that you are using about 15 hours in your institution every week; in that case,utilize the rest 20 hours for self-study. During allotting time, try to realize which work takes more time for you. After realization, keep extra time in hand for that work.
  • Always keep extra time in hand, do not make your planning very compact. But also keep in mind that you should always strive to increase the speed of your work. Else you will be lagging behind from others.
  • One thing must be kept in mind while doing a good planning- you should allot time on a daily basis for making all these planning. If you do not allot ample time or allow a short-period for planning, you will end up doing a bad planning somehow just for the sake of planning.
  • In that case, you will again have to spend time in rechecking your plan many times and might as well have to reschedule many works. If you allow yourself with enough time on a day for doing these planning’s, you can create a good plan, and you will get enough time to think all aspects so that there is no gap left after planning is done.
  • One of the most important things of an effective time management is to avoid all sorts of distractions and not entertaining procrastination at any cost. Procrastination is one of the leading ways of making a bad time management. This thing affects students more than others. They tend to feel lazy and have a tendency to leave all important work for last hour.
  • Distraction is another cause of bad time management, and it affects most in young generation as well. This is because there are more means of distraction for youngsters than others. For example, smartphone is one of the most distractive tools.
  • You think of checking your notifications in social networking site for few minutes and end up spending hours checking posts, pictures and chatting. There are other distractions such as television, etc.
  • Meditation and exercising on a daily basis help to increase your focus a lot. This is something which is an age old process, and somehow present generation is repulsive towards this habit.
  • But it has been proved in many ways that exercise and meditation is two effective ways to increase your concentration. Initially, start with 10 minutes of exercise or meditation, which suits you best. Then increase the time by 10 or 20 minutes.
  • While making time for all your work and studies, do make some time for friends and family. Recreation is really important to maintain a healthy mind and body. Without recreation and only studies and work, a person will be depressed and frustrated all the time. Spending time with friends and family refreshes a mind.

Time management is one of essential things in present day life. Life is fast and daily routine is hectic (sometimes)! People are engaging themselves in multiple activities. To maintain everything is good manner, a good time management is of ultimate importance. It also relieves one from stress. What you are thinking about?