Benefits of Participation in Co-Curricular Activities for Students

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What parents should not do

Studying is not the only thing in life to do. Studies might bring you grades but participation in co-curricular activities gives you the determination to score well. Many a times, it is so seen, that parents are not very encouraging when it comes to co-curricular activities. They are more focused on the grades their ward scores rather than his or her co-curricular achievements. This is not right. Scolding them for their bad grades is okay but not acknowledging them for their performance in co-curricular activities is horrible.

Impact co curricular activities have on children

  • Children are very sensitive and a little bit of support and encouragement in what they are good will only make them work harder on their grades. On the other hand, if parents choose to do the opposite, they might build a complex which will definitely be difficult to get over in the future.
  • Co-curricular activities have a very positive impact on kids. Their participation in co-curricular activities has greater advantage than you may realize. Co-curricular activities give chance to discover the hidden talents of children in various fields- singing, dancing, games of all kinds, painting etc. Students should thoroughly research over the subject they wish to study before choosing their career. Things you should know before studying engineering gives you a detailed account of the things you should know before pursuing a career in engineering.
  • Sometimes it is not the subject that they study that the children are passionate about. Sometimes it is the co-curricular activity. Encouraging them at that point of time is very necessary. Get good grades but follow your passion.

Additional advantages

  • Getting into a good college nowadays is a very difficult TASK. Yes, it is no less than a task but co-curricular activities participation and rank certificates give you the advantage of a lesser cut off GPA than other students.
  • College prefers students who are good in everything and participate in everything rather than students who do nothing but score good grades. This is why students who participate in co-curricular activities a lot, get into college more easily compared to students who don’t.
  • Co-curricular activities gift the participants with confidence and team spirit which are both essential virtues in life.
  • Confidence is the key to success and participation in co-curricular activities provides you with it. They instill in you the spirit of teamwork and sportsmanship.
  • It is even seen across the globe in a recent research, that students who participate in co-curricular activities are more likely to score good grades, socialize more and remain happier than other students who do nothing but study.

There are certain values that one receives from school and they are definitely not confined to getting good grades. Participating in games bestows you with sportsmanship, team work and instills in you the value of sharing, caring and learning not to give up.

Similarly, participation in other co-curricular activities makes you better in whatever you are doing, removes your stage fright and makes you more confident and in tough competitions, they provide you with experience.

Experience and confidence are two things that a human being has to have to succeed in life. Experience because it teaches you not to repeat your past mistakes and thereby, you become a person who is less likely to make random errors in life.