Become a Successful Essay Writer with These Simple Steps!

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Writing an essay requires skill. Students are often asked to write essays as a part of their curriculum or in essay writing contests. Essay writing overwhelms students, and they feel nervous while doing this task. The simplest way of becoming a great essay writer is first selecting a topic and then breaking task into small manageable parts. Before shedding light into these small parts of essay writing, lets us first know what essay writing is and what are elements of essay writing.

An essay is a piece of writing in which author expresses his idea about that topic. It is a non-fictional form of writing, which is inform of prose. The tone of this essay can be subjective, narrative, persuasive or argumentative. The subject of an essay can be anything from literature, politics, current affairs or day to day activities.

A successful essay writer starts his essay with a solid foundation, builds up his ideas in body and sums up his ideas in conclusion. The three parts are discussed here:

  • Introduction:

An essay writer should start his essay by commenting something about the topic. This can contain definition of the topic, or you can give a quote and relate it to your topic. In case the topic is argumentative, you should state your side in the introduction part –whether you are writing for the topic or against it. The introductory part of your essay is a guide for reader and should explain what course your essay is going to take.

  • Body:

Plan main points which you want to discuss in your essay. The body will contain these main points. Discuss these points in details here. Provide ample verbal illustrations and examples to support your points. It will be better if you divide the body into paragraphs. The ending paragraph of body of this essay should pave way to conclusion.

  • Conclusion:

The summary of all the points discussed in essay is the conclusion. The conclusion will give a firm answer topoint which you have raised in introduction. In conclusion, you can refer to the attempts which need to be taken if you are writing an essay on a social problem. Do not include nugatory points in conclusion. The conclusion should be written in such a way that reader is convinced about your ideas, which you have discussed throughout essay.

Following are the elements of an essay:

  • Idea:

The idea of essay should be based on topic. The idea can be a fact or any arguable statement depending on topic of this essay. The idea which you are discussing should be supported with reasonable evidence.

  • Motive:

Why should reader read your essay? That forms the motive. You should discuss the complexities and the challenges involved in the matter. The ambiguities or the contradictions should be cleared, and your easy should be sketched as clearly and interestingly as possible, to keep reader engaged till end.

  • Structure:

Unfold your ideas by expressing ideas in essay with help of subheads. You need to pay attention to two works simultaneously- keeping your reader convinced and developing your essay by exploring that topic. The structure of essay should be firm and clear. If you want to add complicated topics, see to that you blend these complications with discussion of essay so that the reader can relate with complications.

  • Evidence:

You need to provide evidence to demonstrate and support your ideas. When you are writing an essay, the evidence you provide, whether they are facts and figures, quotes or any incident, needs to be provided in such a way that reader can feel importance of the evidence through written words and judge your analysis.

  • Explanation:

Another important element of essay writing next to evidence is explanation. If a reader who is reading your essay does not have the slightest idea about the topic, what you can do is to familiarize him with context and provide background information about the topic.This should be included in introductory part. If you mention any quote in your essay, it should do justice with topic. The quote should be relevant and explained properly.

  • Coherence:

All the points discussed in your essay should have agreement with each other, and there should be a smooth flow in your essay. The ending of one paragraph should point to a closure. When you start next paragraph, even if you are talking about a new idea, it should have some relation to topic discussed in previous paragraph. This helps your essay in gaining momentum. The keywords need to be stressed to show their importance.

  • Implication:

What is significance of your analysis on this particular idea which you have presented in your essay forms implication.

  • Presence:

You should be free to express your ideas without any sentiments blocking way. This should reflect in your essay. Your essay should have life in it.

In order to become a successful essay writer, you should follow given steps:

  • Understand the topic and make your choice:

When you are either given topic or selecting the topic on your own, you should think about kind of essay you want to write- whether it will provide a general overview or it will be a specific analysis.

  • Collect relevant information:

Organize your thoughts. Jot down the points on paper, make connection and interrelate individual points. Adopt system of branching- write your topic in the middle and draw lines surrounding the topic and mention your points relevant to the topic.

  • Start with introduction, continue with body and then move to conclusion:

Your essay should start with introduction which will provide a brief idea of topic, next comes the body where you will explain your points in details and the conclusion will contain a satisfactory ending of your essay.

  • Refine your essay by adding finishing touches:

After you finish writing this essay, check the essay once again. See to it that you have written paragraphs incorrect order. The order of paragraphs determines the flow of essay. Read the essay slowly and correct spellings and grammatical mistakes.

For an essay writer, the writing style does not matter. If you have got strong ideas and expressed those ideas with clarity and precision, the flow will come automatically. Keep your reader occupied with simple but effective language and strong points and be a successful essay writer.