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Basic Product is anything that can be offered to a market for the consumption of users. It can be defined in various ways as it includes physical objects, services, places, and ideas. Based on their differentiations, we develop the details of your Basic Product Assignment Help.

Definition and Types of Product

A product may be defined as a package of utilities consisting of various features. To the consumers, it may be only a corporal item. Let’s explore the types to know more.

There are three types.

  1. Core Product:

It is the fundamental attribute of a product. It is not of tangible kind. Better to say that, it gives the idea of benefit that a consumer is going to have.

  1. Actual /Basic product:

It is of a concrete kind. You can make some use of this.

  1. Augmented Product:

This is the broader aspect of a product. When a person gets the totality of benefit after buying or using an item, there lays the idea. Suppose you buy a kitchen appliance for your home; then the warranty will be the augmented part.

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However, the story does not end here. In this case, you have to be observant about the other details of a product; like its life cycle, product planning and its development, various strategies of modification and development process. As the objective of marketing includes customer satisfaction, increasing demand, generating profitable sales volume and create goodwill for the company; up gradation of the basic product should be the objective of an organization to attract new customers and retain the existing ones.

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