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What do you mean by Balancing Rotating Masses?

The term Balancing Rotating Masses grabs a perfect solution of avoiding vibrations in industrial machines or heavy industrial machines. Electric generators and gas turbines are the most essential parts. Narrow wheels are also essential to have a perfect balance against Centre of Gravity. This must have a prefect balance to Centre of rotation.

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What are the different types of balancing rotating masses?

  • Static Balance
  • Dynamic Balance
  • Unbalanced System

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Application of rotating balancing

  • Engine crank shaft
  • Automobile wheel
  • Grinding wheels
  • Steam turbines and runners
  • Compressors
  • Washing machines
  • Air craft propellers

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What you should know about?

Difference between static balance and dynamic balance is very important. Whenever you go with some questions where both of terms are essential, then your knowledge will decide that whether you have perfect knowledge or not.

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