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Economics is one of the boring subjects just like history. There are many students of economics who of not pay attention to their lectures hence they are unable to understand the basic concept of economics. Due to the increase in globalization, there is a need to understand the global topics which are important not only with the view of scoring good marks in examinations but also to enhance your knowledge and to make your understand the general terms.

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Overview of the lesson

Balance of trade and Balance of payments are the separate terms but there is a need to understand both of these terms because they are interrelated with each other. Balance of trade is a statement which shows the exports and imports of the goods by one country around the world. It is the statements which tell the details of the transactions made by the country with the other countries while doing trade with them.

For any economy, there is a need to maintain a balance between the balance of trade and balance of payments in order to be in the condition of no gain and noloss. You can also avail such detailed presentation in your assignments; all you need to have is to opt for Balance of trade and balance of payment assignment help from us.

Why Balance of trade and balance of payment is important?

For an economy, it is very important to calculate the balance of payment in order to determine its financial and economic position in the world. Balance of trade is an important part of balance of payment. Balance of trade is about the calculation of tangible items while the balance of payments keeps the records of tangible as well as non tangible items.

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