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What is Balance of Payments all about?

Understanding Balance of Payments or BOP is a must if you are studying Economics. It is a method that various countries use for monitoring international monetary transactions, in a given period of time. In every calendar year and for every quarter, this BOP is calculated. In order to calculate the amount of money that is going out and coming in to a country, every single public and private sector trade company needs to calculate their BOP. If a country has given or paid money, it is known as debit and if it receives money, it is known as credit. Theoretically the balance of debit and credit, i.e. the BOP, should be zero. But in reality, it is rarely the case.

Understanding BOP is indeed quite difficult. It requires you to understand the surplus and deficit and also identify where the discrepancies are stemming from in economy. This is what we help the students to understand with our Balance of Payments Homework Help services.

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