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Brief explanation of bad debts

The term bad debts are stated for notes receivables or trade account receivable that cannot be collected. These types of debts on uncollected accounts are recorded in the income statement.

Methodologies that can help dealing with bad debts

Through bad debts (not in adjustment) homework help service, you will come to know about different methodologies associatedwith bad debts. Here we have provided one of the important procedures.

  • Direct writeoff technique

Here are various sections in accounts which a company has to take into account. A company decides whether an account is collectible or not, basing on certain prospects. Even after much effort, a company is unable to receive money, in case of booking; they declare the account to be written off.

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  • What does bad debts expenses relate?
  • Why there is a differential aspect for bad debts allowances and expenses in case of doubtful account?
  • What are the provisions for bad debts?

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