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The questions on Game Theory are one of the toughest to solve. However, an analytical approach through Backward Induction can make the entire process quite simple.

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  • Simplification of the concept:

We specialize in breaking concepts into granular components by relating it to the real world. Read below to understand how the complex concept of Backward Induction can be explained in layman ’s terms.

Most of us love to play chess. While we focus on the chessboard, we try to anticipate what would be the next move of the opponent? In depth focus also leads us to plan our next move and may be that of the opponent which follows. To our fortune, if the opponent proceeds as per our assumption, we have actually performed a Backward Induction on a defined number of moves.

Topics of study:

  • Introduction to Game Theory
  • Decision Makers and Strategic Games
  • Nash Equilibria
  • Altruism and Prisoner’s Dilemma
  • Cournot and Bertrand Model
  • Stackelberg Duopoly Model
  • Application of concept:

Whether it is about resolving the famous Bellman equation, or computing the cases of perfect equilibria, we provide guidance to questions demanding higher order thinking skills on the principle of Backward Induction.

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Questions having multiple choice responses has always been the most favorite area of examiners, especially when it comes to topics such as ‘Perfect nashEquilibria’. We have also revived ourselves in this direction and specialize to make you arrive at a single solution by proceeding step-by-step and often by ruling out the odds.

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