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What is an Axiom?

There are various literal meanings of the word Axiom, however in context to the subject Economics, the word Axiom refers to ‘a universally certified truth or a statement that is self-evident or self-explanatory’

Objectives to learn Axiomatic approach

Axiomatic study is an integral part of Economics. It has laid down some consistent principles aligned to different major sectors in Economy so that the industry works on some standard principles. The facts or statements are proposed by some legendary Economists that are followed by professionals to conduct their research and calculations. Some of the famous Economics axioms were written by Karl Marx, who was a great German Economist. We need to study these theorems because of the following reasons -:

  • They provide an aid to the analytical studies in Economics
  • To understand how consumer behavior is an important matrix in production, demand and supply concepts.
  • To analyze the working of businesses across different markets and industries.

Divisions of Axioms

These theorems and axioms carry a very logical approach; everything which is in text has to be proven with the help of these axioms to consolidate the economic data. Students can find assistance for both the categories with our Axiomatic approach assignment help program. Here are some of the axioms proposed by Marx:

  • Economic Calculations

It focuses on the need for economic calculations to derive the status of demand which further implies the rationale behind economic production.

  • Economic Justice

It means that each sole producer receive a share in the means of consumption in proportion to his labor contribution.

  • Economic Production

The needs of consumers are constantly evolving. Therefore economic production must expand to meet the expanding needs.

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