Prepare to Give Your Best AWK Programming Examination 

The AWK programming language was developed by three people in the year 1977, namely, Brian Kernighan, Peter Weinberger and Alfred Aho. AWK is an old tool of the Version 7 Unix, which joined features of computation to the Unix series apart from the only other language of scripting available, i.e. Bourne shell. More on the history of AWK programming can be obtained by clicking on AWK homework help.

Development of AWK

There was significant expansion and revision of the AWK language during the years 1985 to 1988 that resulted in the formation of GNU AWK version. The maintenance of the GNU AWK version has been solely done by Arnold Robbins. The new version of AWK that is called Brian Kernighan’s nawk was publicly released during the late 1990s. Details on the developments of AWK can be got by visiting AWK homework help.

About AWK language

The AWK language is mainly used as a tool for reporting and extracting data. AWK is a feature that is used in almost every operating system. It is basically a scripting language that is driven by data. This is used for production of customized reports. Learning more about AWK programming is possible by visiting AWK assignment help.

AWK program structure

The program processes text files. The files are each taken to be a series of records and a record is a line in the program. Each line is again broken into units called fields. Every word in a line can be referred to as a field. Thus the program works in accordance these fields. Students who want to learn more about the structure of AWK program can check out AWK homework help.

Why should programmers learn AWK?

There are several reasons for which knowing AWK is an added advantage to a programmer. Details about the need for the same can be learnt from AWK assignment help. Few are as follows –

  • It helps in executing very simple tasks that are not possible by many other programs.
  • It is supported by almost all systems like MAC operating system, BSD or Linux systems.
  • It uses numbers, hashes and other regular expressions. Learn more about what AWK uses in language features by visiting AWK assignment help.
  • The conversion from string to numerical is done automatically in AWK.

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