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Now, audio is something known to all of us. Simply put, it is are corded sound.  Noise reduction means to remove it from a signal. In audio engineering,it refers to the unwanted signals which give rise to an acoustic hiss. Basically they are unintentional. We feel this information would be a big audio noise reduction assignment help when you start penning your thoughts.

What is Audio Noise Reduction?

Ever wondered why Bose headphones sound better? It is because they have a department which focuses on reducing unwanted sound. They use a technique of minimizing external sounds from recording devices. It is the special method by which stationery sound is removed from audio signals.

Next we will understand how exactly this process works. But before that we need to understand the cause and its types.

Causes of Audio Noise

The major cause is magnetization leading to vibrations. Another reason could be when electrons randomly deviate from their intended path under heat influence. However, this is when the recording has been carried out in an absolute sound proof room.

Types of Audio Noise

  1. Hum

This is low frequency sound typically at 40-80 Hz. It is usually due to electrical interference. It can also be caused when electrical equipment is not properly grounded.

  1. Hiss

This is the background flutter we hear when we tune into any FM station.

  1. Rumble

This is the result of random sound waves existing between specific points. It is again low frequency.

  1. Crackle

Crackles both fine and coarse are because of explosive chinks in small airwaves.

Audio Noise can also be segregated as per its frequency into various colors. A great example of this would be White Noise.

Types of method to reduce it

Recording devices can be both analog and digital. The methods used to reduce analog disturbance are various. Some of them are single-ended hiss reduction, codec or dual-ended systems and single-ended surface noise reduction.

For Digital, dynamic noise reduction and dynamic noise limiter technique are used. However, Dolby and dbx systems are a great authority in this field as well.

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