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What is auction?

An auction is an economic system which allocates and decides price of goods through a bidding process. Certain auction structures may be higher on efficiency and profit making than others, depending on the properties of the bidders and the kind of items auctioned.

There are four basic types of auction-

  • Ascending-bid or the English auction
  • Descending-bid or the Dutch auction
  • First-price, sealed-bid auction
  • Second-price, sealed-bid auction

Importance of studying auctions

Auction isn’t just another theory based paper/subject that you’ve got to study. The value of goods bought and sold at auctions is massive. Apart from the classic auctions, online auction websites are dominating the internet. Amazon, Ebay, eBid, etc are prime examples. Just the sheer size of the market is enough to determine the importance of the subject.

Problems students face with an auctions assignment

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The topics we cover:

  • Auction theory
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  • Bidding
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  • Common value auctions
  • Collusions
  • Revenue equivalence
  • Multi unit auctions

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