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What is The Future Prospect of an Astronomy Student?

After completing the higher study in astronomy, the students can opt for promising careers as researchers and professors. Students with a degree in the subject can also join national observatories, museums, planetariums, and research centers, or work as a journalist.

Choosing astronomy as a major subject enhances your knowledge in physics and mathematics, enabling you to attract the employers with your enhanced skills in multiple subjects.

Branches of Astronomy

Astronomy is a vast subject. The eight important branches of astronomy are listed below:

  • Astrobiology– The study of the early and evolution of biological systems in the universe
  • Astrophysics– It covers the physics of the universe, such as the physical properties of the heavenly bodies and their behavior.
  • Astrometry– It is a study of the position of objects in the sky and changes in the position of the objects.
  • Computational Astrophysics– The study of astrophysics with the aid of computational methods and tools to introduce computational models.
  • Galactic Astronomy– Study of the structure and components of the galaxies, the Milky Way as well as others.
  • High Energy Astrophysics– Study of the phenomenon which occurs due to high energies, such as gamma-ray bursts, shocks, supernovae, active galactic nuclei, and quasars.
  • Physical Cosmology– It is a theoretical astrophysics at its wide range.
  • Planetary Science– The study of planets, moons and planetary system.
  • Plasma Astrophysics– The study of properties of plasma in outer space.
  • Solar Physics– Study of the relation between the sun and other components in the solar system and interstellar space. If you need such kind of detailed explanation in your assignment then contact us to excel your academic grades.

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