Aspects to Be Checked Prior to Taking up Science Based Subjects in High School

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In my teaching career spanning close to two decades, I have seen that for most of the students’ science happens to be their chosen subject. Apart from the known fact that science has the capacity to provide immediate job opportunities, it is the practical concepts of the subject that interests students more.

When my own child was to be admitted to high school with Science subjects as the chosen stream, I made sure that certain aspects were clarified before taking the final decision. Since, I had seen very many students not checking out correct facts and figures before carrying on with their high school admission process and then suffering later, I was determined not to let that happen to my child.

Why is prior checking so important?

‘’Prevention is better than cure’’ is a common phrase that can be understood and expressed in a number of ways. I have seen many students take up science subjects in a rush when it comes to choosing a high school option and later not being able to cope with it, goes in for a drastic change.

Well, it is timefor you look out for other options and rather than being sorry, I would advise to prepare a checklist of the facts which are to be taken into consideration while choosing this subject.

Factors to be noted before opting for science subjects:

As a teacher who has dealt with a variety of students, I would like to state certain points which need to be taken into consideration and understood in detail prior to choosing this subject for high school students.

As guardians or for that matter students, it is important that certain details regarding this subject should be noted, to ensure that when you finally take up this subject at high school level there should be no downslide.

  • What the reputation of that school in Science subjects

Since high school is the domain when a student frames the base of that career which he would take up in future, it is imperative that choice of the school should be one that matches the standards.

  • I would surely suggest that when you are sure to take up science subjects in high school, you should check out if that school has a good reputation in terms ofconcerned subject.
  • Also, it is important to check out the quality of faculty of that school and whether the mode of teaching is appropriate or not.
  • The laboratory facilities and student-teacher interaction procedure should also be checked in a thorough manner.

Hence, I would suggest that to keep a check on these details; it is best that both students and their parents attend a demo class that would help them in taking final decision. I made it a point to sit down with my daughter in one of her demo classes and then choose the particular school for her.

  • What are the subjects that are offered

Since science has a number of branches and the division starts from high school itself, it is important that you should check out which branch of science is offered to your child. Since my daughter was always interested in studying with Chemistry, and pursuing research work in it, hence I ensured that her current school had the adequate faculty and opportunities for her to flourish with this branch.

So, I would advise you too to go for it.

  • What are your ambitions and related opportunities

From my experience of being a teacher, I can surely state that most of the students in present times are extremely ambitious, and therefore they tend to select that specific subject that not only interests them but also provides them with a great career option.

 However, while you are choosing that ideal high school for your child and that too with science based subjects in concern, it is imperative that you should know what your ambitions are and which branch would suit you the most.

  • I would surely advice you to check with your ward whether he is sure of his career options and ambitions.
  • Then it is important to check if your child has a knowledge of that branch that could lead him towards his or her dream.
  • Also, it is important that the market scenario and demands of current science-based companies should be taken in mind.

It is only based on these details that a particular high school should be chosen that can match up to all these details. Since it is not every day that you would choose out a high school for your ward, it is important that these aspects must be checked.

For your help, there are a number ofprofessional websites that specifically chart out each and every detail for your convenience. I would like to share that even after attending demo classes I had checked out these websites for greater detailing of these aspects.

In case you wish to have greater details on points that are to be noted while choosing a graduation subject, you can check out Note the facts that are to be taken into account before taking up English Majors.

  • Chances of internship

With time as you can see that professional qualification has increased its influence to a great extent. Hence, here, I would suggest that before checking out a high school and finalising it for your ward, you need to see if that school offers internships in that branch of science that your child has opted for.

  • It should be checked as to what are the types of internships offered in your child’s chosen branch.
  • Also, I would advise that you keep a check on the companies that usually come for such internships, as their reputation matters in future terms.
  • Another important factor is that the role of the school in making sure that such internships are available for one and all.

Once these factors are dealt with prior to enrolling your ward in a high school and that too with science based subjects, you can be sure that this would boost your ward’s future academic performances to a great extent.

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