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As we have seen economics is liked by many students nowadays in school as well as in college. This has made this subject as one of the most demanding subject. Even science students opt for this subject in their higher studies as its high scope in banking and other financial institutions.

IS-LM model is one of the most important part of this subject and it leads to the introduction of AS-AD model. There are a lot of graphs involved in this model which shows the movement that are caused due to various changes in the economy.

But the students find it very difficult to understand these changes that take place in economy from time to time and they end up confusing themselves with diagrams. There are various shifts and movement that takes place in diagram and if they do any mistake in that then it will change the whole scenario of economy.

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What is IS-LM model?

IS-LM is one of the most important chapter of macroeconomics that shows the relationship between interest rates and asset market that includes real goods and service market as well as money market.

The IS in this model denotes investment-savings model that shows relationship between the interest rate that influence the total investment which in turn effects good market. Whereas, LM stands for liquidity money that shows relation between interest rate and money supply in the market. To get such informative and detailed stuffs in your assignments contact us for AS-AD model introduction homework help.

Introduction of AS-AD curve

The intersection of both the commodity and money market at a point shows the equilibrium situation in the economy. This equilibrium leads to the formation of AS-AD curve which shows the relationship between price level and total output in economy.

AS curve is positively sloped showing the positive relation between the price level and level of output supplied. Whereas AD curve downward sloping showing the negative relation between price level and total output demanded.

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Shifts in AS-AD curve

AS and AD curve also shifts upward or downward depending on the following situation that takes place in the economy. These situations can either cause aggregate supply to shift or aggregate demand to shift. But in some cases there is simultaneous shift in both the AS and AD curve. This in turn causes the price level and total output to shift upward or downward.

There are various reasons behind such shift that can be understood by student only if there is some guidance from the AS-AD model introduction assignment help who has complete knowledge about it.

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