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Accounts and its complexities are known to all. Students often struggle with this subject in school and even in higher studies. It is usually seen that students take up this subject with a concept that it is interesting and it might help them to get a wide career scope.

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What are accounts?

Accounts- a part of accounting is the study of keeping a record of all kinds of transaction that takes place in an institution. It includes all kinds of debit and credit that takes place in different kinds of accounts. While estimating the total transaction that took place during a year the transaction done in different account is organized. This is done to have a look at the overall transaction of that institution.

Without proper accounts and correct transaction a business can never work properly. Thus it is necessary to take up artificial personal account assignment help.

Types of accounts:   

Accounts are of different types and the division is made according to the transaction that takes place in there.  Types of account are as follows:

  • Real account:

The first come real account that shows the transaction of all kinds of tangible and intangible assets of an institution. It is also necessary to describe the meaning of tangible and intangible things. Tangible assets include all kinds of assets that can be felt or touched whereas intangible assets include assets that cannot be felt.

  • Personal account

These accounts belongs to one single person or entity such as businessman, firm, banks, etc. this category of account has two subdivisions like natural accounts and artificial accounts.

Natural accounts- these accounts belongs to one single person who has their own personal account. They have the natural skill to deal with all kinds of transaction.

Artificial account- accounts that are created artificially and the transaction is done by a well-known institution.

  • Nominal account

These types of accounts usually don’t exist in the form of an account. Any kind of transactions related to money such as gains, losses, incomes, etc. come under nominal accounts.

From the above explanation we can see the complexity of accountancy which raises the need for artificial personal account assignment help.

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