Are You Too Strict About Homework? 8 Tips for Teachers Knocks out the Competition

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Homework is one of the biggest challenges that students face, and these days homework has become a concern for the teachers as well. There are many teachers who have been teaching for more than ten years, and still, they face issues regarding homework that are given to students. The reason why teachers are also facing problems regarding homework is that they have become very strict regarding homework that is given to students. Sometimes, parents and guardians feel like asking the teachers that are you too strict about homework. 8 tips for teachers are presented below that shall make them less strict regarding the homework that they give to students.

  1. Make the students understand the importance of homework:

Before learners are given homework, teachers should give a written explanation to them as to why homework is important for each one of them.  While providing them with this kind of explanation, teachers should ensure that they are not only told about improvement of grades, rather, their focus should also be on improvement of their knowledge and skills with the help of homework. Moreover, they should also be made aware of the amount of homework that is to be assigned for the particular day or the particular week. This shall help the learners plan their day or week accordingly. If teachers take this first step towards helping children with their assignments, then there are a lot of chances that students will finish their assignments on time.

  1. Assignments should be created with a purpose:

Teachers should refrain from assigning work to students only for the sake of assigning work to them.  Homework that is assigned to students should do well to them and should be helpful to them. Before allotting homework to students, teachers should make a plan and draft a copy of what homework should be given to learners. Homework should not be given to keep students busy; they should be given with a purpose that is for enhancing the knowledge of students.

  1. The students should understand the purpose:

Teachers should provide an explanation to the students as to why that homework was given to them and what was the aim of the assignment. This motivates them to work on their assignments in a better way. This way student will have something to aim for at the end of their assignment. They will not develop a harsh feeling against their teachers.

  1. Assignments should make the students think and analyze:

This is a very important tip for a teacher as they often give assignments to learners that are very robotic. It is because of this reason they do not feel like working on their homework. Homework should involve students in some type of learning and integration. Students develop an interest in working on their assignments this way. They feel that the given homework is for their betterment.

  1. Vary Assignments:

If students are given the same type of assignments repeatedly, they get bored with it. They should be given different types of assignments to work on. This tip will help in the development of interest of students for any given subject or topic. However, it is an agreed fact that not all kind of assignments are going to attract the interest of students. This is still a useful tip for gathering the interest of students to a certain extent.

  1. Give assignments to which students feel connected or related:

The best way to make assignments work on learners is by giving them questions that are related to their family, culture, and community. This kind of assignments helps the students feel connected with their assignments, and they take agreater amount of interest in completing their assignment. Thus, teachers are advised to give assignments to learners through which they feel connected or related to.

  1. Give assignments with longer deadlines:

Many teachers make a mistake of giving assignments to students with a very short deadline. Firstly, students hate working all night for completing their assignments and secondly they also do not like the fact that in case of failure in submitting their assignments, marks get deducted for it. Teachers are told to be less aggressive and less angry on learners who miss their deadlines. However, such a mistake should not take place on a regular basis.

  1. Pacify in case a student fails to submit his assignment on time:

Not all students are the same, nor all of them have the same level of intellect. Teachers should understand that their students are not of the same kind. In case if a student fails to submit their assignments on time, teachers should understand what made them delay in submission. In case there is some lack of understanding in the assignment, teachers should take the initiative and explain the same to the students.

Thus, students play a very vital role in making students understanding their assignments. Teachers are the role models, and students should feel happy when assignments are given to them for homework. As teachers,I should, therefore, sit back and think that are you too strict about homework? 8 tips for teachers that are stated above should be followed by every teacher to reduce the challenges both students and teachers face.