Are You Sure Your Teenage Child Is Just Tired? Know the Different Reasons for Poor Academics!

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Poor academics of the teenage students are a much known issue now. It is a complicated issue and required a special care to be handled. The parents are suffering a lot for a poor academic performance of their children.  There, may be several causes behind the fact, but it should be recognised. So parents need to understand the actual reasons behind these underachievement syndromes. After that they can take an effective strategy to overcome the situation.

Several reasons

For giving a fair idea to the parents, about the causes which force your children to behave indifferent toward their education, we are going to discus few important and common points.

  • Boring classes

An academic education of the students starts from their classrooms so the causes behind lack of motivation also start from there.

  • Due to boring syllabus often students lose their interest in their study
  • Teachers need to take great responsibilities for motivating their students and create an interest in their studies. But they do not do their duty properly.
  • Often students get bore in the way of their teaching

So the syllabus should be as per their age. Teachers need to teach in an interesting way, and make it challenging. Concept should be clear to the students. Try to go throughan interaction session it is a much effective way to make the study interesting. Parents also need to take part in making their children’s study more and more interesting.

  • Excess pressure

In this teenage students are assigned a lot of homework and assignment from their classes. These assignments play a significant role for achieving a better grade.

  • So often students become anxious, if their assignment scores well or not.
  • For that they need to work hard to make their assignment best.
  • These create a huge pressure on them and due to this reason the try to avoid their study.

So parents need to give their best support to reduce their pressure.

  • They must involve themselves in their children’s study and homework.
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  • Lack of self-realisations

Self-realisation is most important for doing any job and achieving the success. But in the maximum case in this age, self realisation does not growamong them. So

  • Teenage students do not understand the significance of doing their study.
  • In this age they do not have any botheration about their future career.
  • They do not have sufficient knowledge about the negativity of avoiding their education.

So parentsneed to help them to develop a self realisation among their children. Need to show them the positive side of the education so that they can realise the consequences.

  • Do not know their target

All the students are not of same capacity. Their liking and disliking also are not same. But often parents fix a higher target, without thinking of their capacity and quality. As a result

  • They are unable to reach their target.
  • These failures push them further backward.

So parents need to judge their children capacity, quality and passion before fix up the target.

  • So many engagements

Nowadays students have to engage themselves in different factors apart from studies.

  • They engage themselves in other extracurricular activities.
  • Have to do in different types of jobs in the spare time for earnings to meet their requirements.

Juggling with so many works, required perfect time management ability and it is not so easy in this age. So, often student become exhausted and unable to do anything perfectly. This is one of the vital reasons of their failure.

So parents need to take care all of their requirements so that they can concentrate only on their studies.

  • No time to play

Due to several engagement and work pressure from their school and institute students do not find any time to play. It is a very harmful situation. Parents need to take care of that or else ‘all work and no play’ makes their child a dull student. So –

  • Let them play as per their choice, fixeda time in the day for their playing.
  • Playing is good for their health and brain.
  • It also refreshes their mind and boost up their energy level. So your children can do their work with a fresh mind with full of energy.
  • Short of sleep

Due to homework pressure and for other reason often students do not get enough time to sleep. A short of sleep is very harmful for their health as well as their brain. So

  • Allow them to sleep as their health is required.
  • A good amount of sleep helps them to perform better.
  • Due to depression

A student may fail to achieve the success for various reasons, but that does not mean that they never succeed in life. In these teenage, students do not have that much of mental strengthto realise that, so often,

  • They feel ashamed and become depressed. Depression is one of the main causes for their poor academics.
  • Due to depression often students have lost their energy to overcome the situation
  • They do not find any way to get back in the main stream.
  • Reason for Adolescence

In this age, with the mental growth your children are growing physically also. They develop several new habits in this age.

  • With new tests, hobbies, and liking they face several physical changes also.
  • They discover different new things but they do not have a clear concept about that.
  • So often their mind diverted and unable to concentrate in the study. Hence, gets a poor grade.

It is a very crucial time so parents need to handle this with proper care. They must take example of their adolescence period and give proper advice to their children.

  • Due to physical inabilities

Sometime your child has adopted some disease such as dyslexia, short of hearing, short of eyesight or any kind of neurological problem

  • They are unable to follow their class properly.
  • Unable to hear their teacher’s explanation.
  • Unable to take a class note properly.
  • So they are lagging behind to achieve a better grade.

So, before accuse your children try to know if they have any physical problem. Try to solve that first as it is an emergency.

  • Lack of care and support

A proper atmosphere and a good support in the home for your children are always required for achieving a better grade. But nowadays parents are very busy. They do not have sufficient time to spend with their children. Remember that parents are the first teacher of the children. The entire basic thing they have learned from their parents. So

  • always hold their hand and make a good attachment with your children
  • Give them space but always keep an eye on them
  • Involve yourself in their study so that they never fell alone
  • Involve them in healthy competitions to enhance their strength
  • Reward them for their achievements it will increase their interest in their study.

So my deer parents, love your children, give enough time to them, try to know their problems ,involve yourself to solve their problems and choose the best option for your child education. Now online educational help is the best option for your children.

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