Approached to Build a Positive Atmosphere in Your Classroom?

17 Oct Approached to Build a Positive Atmosphere in Your Classroom?

Starting off well

The foundation of building a good atmosphere is laid when the teacher walks in to the class on the first day of the session. The first and foremost thing that teachers must keep in mind is that students are extremely judgmental, once a student has a bad impression about a particular teacher he or she is most unlikely to pay any sort of attention in that class.

Numerous teachers all across the globe believe that a teacher has an extremely important role to play as far as liking of a particular student for a particular subject are concerned. It has been often observed that if a student’s likes the teacher who is teaching a particular subject and is very much comfortable with sharing his or her problems with the teacher, then they student is more likely to perform well in that subject.

Another major aspect that needs to be considered is that the atmosphere in a class can be a positive one if and only if there is a free interaction from both ends.

A class where in students is afraid of the teacher and maintains absolute pin drop silence cannot be considered to be a class with a positive atmosphere. This is due to the fact that it won’t be able to facilitate teaching as students ought to be too afraid to speak out in front of the teacher to ask any sort of questions. This will indeed have a negative impact on progress of the class.

Speaking from personal experience, a class with absolute silence may not have a positive atmosphere where as a noisy class with the naughtiest students may have a positive atmosphere. Statistics have revealed that the naughty students are in most cases the intelligent ones in the class.

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Strategies that ought to help you build a positive atmosphere in your classroom

As the title of this article suggests, it will be revolving around various approaches that teachers of this generation adopt in order to ensure that there exist a positive atmosphere in the class. Listed below are some of the most widely used strategies:

  • Keeping class quiet:

It has been observed that most teachers tend to lose temper in the event that the class becomes noisy and end up signaling the student to be quiet in a manner that is a lot more hilarious than the behavior of the students. Such acts make the atmosphere of the class negative.

To avoid this, teachers must adopt calm signaling measures. You may stop speaking when the class tends to go out of control. The class is bound to calm down if you do so. This will in turn preserve the integrity of teacher as well as ensure that atmosphere of the class doesn’t become such that the students are afraid of the teacher for the remaining duration of the class.

  • Attitude:

The teacher’s attitude has a great role to play as far as gaining the attention of the class is concerned. Your body language should be such that it is respectable, energetic and enthusiastic. If body language and manner of teaching is a proper one, then the teacher definitely doesn’t need to ask the class to keep quiet more often than not.

  • Communication:

There should not be any form of communication barriers between a teacher and his or her students. This ought to ensure that the teacher can convey his or her ideas better and thus, in turn the students will be able to clear out any sort of doubts and queries while the teaching process is in progress. The teacher must also try and speak the language of his or her students. Even you won’t like tedious and boring classes now will you?

Hence, you must definitely ensure that you make the class as interesting as possible. You might as well take up a few activities in order to ensure that students are a part of what all is being taught is the class.

  • Be a friend:

One of the most important aspects of a teacher’s student relationship is mutual trust and respect which can only be attained if the teacher is more like a friend and less like a teacher. This will help the teacher get close to the student so that student is able to share all his or her problem with the utmost ease be it academics or any other form of problems that may hamper his or her academics.

By trying to know their problem, you ought to make the students feel that you actually care about them and this feeling may end up playing a big role in the long run.

  • Free periods:

You might as well go ahead and offer the class a free period for next day if they complete all lessons by that very day. This incentive has proved to work for students of all ages. If the students keep their word, then you might as well keep yours. If this is not done, the students will definitely lose respect for the teacher.

Moreover, the teacher will be setting a wrong example under such circumstances. He or she will be setting an example wherein he or she will be deviating from his or her word.

  • Don’t be too strict:

A teacher must not be so strict that the students are afraid to open their mouth in his or her class. Take regular revision class and make sure that you don’t scold a student or punish him or her in the event that he or she fails to understand a particular question as it will do nothing more than discourage the student from answering in your class.

Personal Experience

When I was a student, I never liked strict teacher, no one does but there was a teacher who had a big role to play in who I am today. Back in the 3rd standard, I did not perform well; rather I hadn’t performed well till that point.

However, after midterm examinations wherein I had failed miserably, my class teacher had walked up to me, she had asked me what my problem was. I kept quiet, after that she said that she wants to see in me the top 3 and pumped me up like anything. When the results were out, I came 1st and yes that has been the turning point of my life. So, I too believe that love, trust and care can do what strictness and long lecture can’t do. It can actually help a student instead of pressurizing him or her all the more.

Hence, I strongly believe that all teachers should take a friendly approach to their way of teaching as this will ensure that the teacher doesn’t add to the extreme amount of pressure due to the huge syllabus.