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The most crucial output of the accounting flow is the final statement. It is the responsibility of the ideal accountants to extract the conclusions from the Balance sheet. The final statements show the financial status of the business. But apart from the adjustments taken care of in the final accounts, often it is seen that the result is flawed.

The prime cause behind it is not the adjustments regarding Depreciation value, rather missing out the appreciation value of the assets. A minor error can change the ultimate result and this is an unjustifiable slip for the fellow accountants.

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What is Appreciation?

Increase in the value of an asset over time.

The causes may be:

  • Increased demand.
  • Weakening supply.
  • Changes in inflation or interest rates.
  • Market status.

Appreciation refers to an upward adjustment of value of an asset. The value of assets needs to be increased in book of accounts. It is generally infrequent in accounting. Trademarks for an example may face an upward adjustment that is appreciation due to increased brand recognition. The assets which are appreciated at the yearend are stocks, bond, currency or real estate.

Types of Appreciation:

  • Capital appreciation:

Increase in financial assets. May be recognized or not depending on entry in book of accounts.

  • Currency appreciation:

Value of money gets appreciated or vice versa, in relation to other countries.

Formula for capital appreciation is:

Capital Appreciation = Sale Price – Purchase Price.

When assets are sold value of appreciation is taxable. Before that appreciation is not taxable till it is not recorded in books.

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