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Let’s discuss in brief about applied electrochemistry.

What is Electrochemistry?

The study of chemicals which causes the movement of the electrons is known as electrochemistry. It is basically a part of physical chemistry which deals with the study of relationship between electrical energy and chemical changes leading to a generate electricity.

Application of Electrochemistry

Electrochemical reaction is defined as a chemical reaction caused by an external electric supply. It can also be said as the movement of electrons produced by a spontaneous chemical reaction.

This movement of electrons is called electricity, which is generated by movement from one element to another, and this reaction is known as Oxidation-reduction reaction, also known as REDOX.

These electrochemical are extremely important in many of the industries, such as:

  • Devices made for the detection of drunken drivers
  • Devices made to measure the sugar level, which is important for diabetic people
  • Production of metals, such as aluminum and titanium
  • Coating of the objects with metals
  • Production of inverter batteries
  • Batteries used in automobiles

Apparently, electrochemistry is even applied in the food industry, such as assessing the packaging interaction, and electrochemistry also helps in analyzing the milk compositions, and also controlling the freezing point of an ice-cream.

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