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What is Anti-Trust Law?

Anti-trust laws are the selection of some laws that helps in fair competition and business sharing amongst the competitors. Anti-trust laws are also known as competition laws in different regions of the globe.

Areas included in Anti-trust law?

  • Cartels and Collusions:

These are the agreements that are realized between the completing forms in the same industry and the claws of controlling market prices and preventing new competition in the market.

  • Pricing Practice:

Anti-Trust law covers the area of restriction on some criteria of relative pricing and in some cases are termed illegal as well. Such restricted practice of pricing relativeness is an essential coverage in anti-trust laws under the regulations of Government and business policies.

What is Monopolization?

Monopolization is realized when there is a need to control some segment of business enterprise that can also affect the entire industry as well in extreme cases.

What are different types of monopoly practice?

  • Monopoly: One supplier and various buyers
  • Monopsony: One buyer and various suppliers
  • Oligopoly: Domination of market under small number of suppliers.
  • Predatory Pricing: Pricing depreciation of products to eliminate competition

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