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What is Animal Physiology?

The study of internal physical and chemical functions of animals is said to be Animal Physiology. It is all about how animals work say blood circulation, digestion, nervous system and the processes that occur within animals. The functioning of animals throughout their lives are focused in this study. This study is extended to aquatic animals as well. Physiology is the most important part of Biology and includes many terms and closely related disciplines.

Types of Animal Physiology-

  • General Physiology

It studies the physiological principles common to different types of species, reactions of organisms, and the processes of inhibition and excitation.

  • Comparative Physiology

It studies the origin of life processes in relation to the general evolution of the organic world.

  • Developmental Physiology

It studies the formation and development of physiological functions that is from the fertilization of the egg cell until death.

  • Ecological Physiology

It investigates the physiological systems in relation to the surrounding habitat that is environmental factors.

  • Applied Physiology

It studies the general principles that control the functioning of living organisms.

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Related topics-

  • Animal Physiology in relation to Morphological sciences.
  • The research methods for progress.
  • History of Physiology.
  • Recent trends and objectives

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