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What is the term Embryology means?

Embryology is the study of an animal’s development from the fertilized egg to the formation of all organ systems.

What is Animal Embryology?

Embryology is a part of Biology which studies the prenatal development of sex cells, development of embryos and fertilization. The embryonic development of animals can be defined as the development of cleavage, dividing cells when becomes a ball like structure at one end. Currently Embryology has become an important topic for research to study the genetic control of the development process. Research is important to study about certain diseases.

Embryonic development of animals-

In animals, the blastula develops which divides the whole animal into two parts. If in blastula the first pore becomes the mouth of animal then it is called protostome. If the first pore develops as anus then it will be deuterostome. Protostome include invertebrate animals whereas deuterostome include the vertebrates.

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