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What is Analytical Chemistry?

To separate, identify and quantify matter the methods which are used is what Analytical chemistry is all about. Methods of Analytical chemistry can be classical, modern or chemical methods. It also improves the experimental design and new measurement tools. Analytical chemistry can be applied to medicine, forensic, engineering, science, bioanalysis, environment analysis, and clinical analysis.

Know the Difference between qualitative and Quantitative analysis

Qualitative analysis can show the presence or absence of a particular compound. It cannot determine the mass of compound. We can say that qualitative analysis does not deal with quantity. The analysis which shows mass and concentration of a compound can be said as Quantitative analysis. Chemical tests and flame tests are done in laboratories for Qualitative analysis. Gravimetric analysis and Volumetric analysis are done for Quantitative analysis.

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Importance and usage of Analytical Chemistry-

  • It researches sensitivity, speed, precision, accuracy, purchase cost, training cost space and time.
  • It understands the basic science as well as its practical applications.
  • With the development in technology analytical chemistry has also developed and extended to biological fields.
  • Also it contributed in the development of nanotechnology. It helps scientists to visualize structures of atom with chemical characterizations.
  • It has an important role of biocomplexity in measuring science.

What is Bioanalysis?

It is a part of analytical chemistry. I consisted of quantitative measurement of biological molecules and biotic in biological systems. It provides the measurement of active drug for the purpose of investigations, anti-doping test in sports and for environmental issues. It can be said that analytical chemistry of the mixture of chemical substances are generated by living organisms.

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  • Spectroscopy and mass spectrometry
  • Electrochemical analysis
  • Thermal analysis and separation
  • Modern bioanalytical chemistry

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