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What is the significance of Analog-To-Digital Converter, Digital-To-Analog Converter?

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Let Us See Its Importance

  • Digital to analog converter is basically a device that is used for converting a digital signal into an analog signal. And an analog to digital converter does the opposite function that is it converts analog signals into digital signals.
  • Both these devices and its applications are widely used in the field of electronics.
  • The most common uses of a digital to analog converter is in areas like music player, mobile phones, televisions etc. which require the conversion of digital data into analog signals. They have wide usage in fields related to audio, video and mechanical areas.
  • Analog to digital converters are used in areas such as for music recording, in scientific instruments, processing of digital signals, rotary encoders etc.
  • There are various types of Digital to analog converters and analog to digital converters and depending on the applicability they are used in the respective fields.
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