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What Is The Importance Of Analog Signal Processing?

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Let us see its significance-

  • When we talk about analog signal processing it is a kind of signal processing which is conducted by making the use of some analog means on the continuous analog signals.
  • When this topic is discussed then students must know that analog values are generally represented in forms like electric charge, voltage or electric current.
  • If there is a noise then it will result in errors in the signals. One example of analog signal processing is the crossover filters which are used in a number of devices.
  • The basic elements are transistors, capacitors, inductors and resistors.
  • In analog signal processing many types of signals is there which can be used like sinusoids, impulse, step etc.
  • This concept is of extreme importance in electronics field and is highly useful.
  • It is a very wide topic covering the meaning, the tools that are used for such processing, the different domains and signals, the system on which it runs and various other things. So students may find it a bit complex to understand. But with specialized help this problem can be overcome.

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