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  • Analog filters are used in the field of electronics and are the foundational blocks in the domain of signal processing.
  • It is a filter that can easily function on the continuous time signals. LTI analog filters are known for the impulse reaction which is prolonged in nature.
  • Analog filters are very crucial in the field of telecommunications and are used in multiple applications.
  • These filters are generally used to separate the audio signals before the application of a loudspeaker is used.
  • This topic also covers important areas like the role of resistors, inductors and capacitors.
  • When we talk about the crucial stages related to the history of passive analog filter then it can be summed in 3 parts which is the simple filters, image filters and network synthesis filters.
  • With the help of analog filters separation and combination of different telephonic conversations is possible in a single channel.
  • It is a wide topic where students will get to study about the types, designs, different equations, uses etc. related to analog filter.

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