An Engineering Graduate and Yet Worried for Job? Here Are the Best 4 Jobs

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Engineering can be a good choice to get hired by a renowned company in any highest paying jobs. From getting work anywhere in the world, opportunities for aspiring engineers are no less after completing a strenuous undergrad. There are opulence career options for an individual, maintaining good grades throughout is important. Some of the industries in which an engineering graduate can opt for include biomedical, chemical, environmental, electrical, software, software, IT, and mechanical, Aerospace, Petroleum fields. With as many choices it is a sure thing for anyone to find a sector suitable for the future.

Here are the top four career options one may find attracting

  1. Software engineer

In recent days almost every industry need software engineers, the different programming languages play a very important role in respect of pay scale and software engineers have high scope for jobs with good pay scale and many options to select from. With the implications of engineering principles, computer science and mathematics they design, maintain, test and develop computer or software systems.

They write programs based on the need of users. Talented software engineers never sit idle and their talent doesn’t go on vain as the demand for superior software engineers is always high. Almost in every industry, there are vacancies for software engineers. Engineering experts of computer science develop, secure and install advanced software systems. With innovations in technology, anyone can expect that demand for humans in programming will always be in limelight.

  • Aerospace engineer

Someone having interests in the fields of aircraft, satellites, helicopters and missiles generally picks aerospace engineering as a career option. It’s very interesting and most gruelling with eminent job opportunities both in Astronautically Engineering and Aeronautical Engineering. 

Their responsibility surrounds constructing, designing, maintenance and developing military and commercial spacecraft and aircraft. It also includes manufacturing and designing of sophisticated systems which needs deep knowledge and understanding of mechanical, technical and manual abilities. Industries like airlines, defence security, aviation companies, helicopter companies’ recruits thousands of aerospace engineers.

Some of the well-known companies include Raytheon Company, GE Aviation, Boeing Company, Northrop Grumman Corporation and National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA). Even in the U.S, there is a number of companies which works as trader and suppliers of aerospace and aeronautical equipment, parts and major component.

Some of the responsibilities include

  • Experimentation to find out the ways in which fuel-efficient parts and engines can be made.
  • To carry out time to time flight testing at ground level.
  • Analysing and collecting test data.
  • To draw a rough idea of timescales and the estimation of the cost of projects.
  • Electrical engineer

Electrical engineers are much in vogue. Most industries employ electrical machines and operate with the help of electric. Electrical engineers play a strong role in manufacturing, operational and maintenance processes and are hired for these purposes. There are ample job opportunities for electrical engineers.

In U.S electrical engineers are among the top in paving paths for fastest sprouting career fields. Starting from companies, industries and even in houses, the whole system runs on electricity which creates a hub of opportunities for electrical engineers.

The various responsibilities an electrical engineer holds-

  • Consulting firms of business and engineering.
  • Manufacturing of various components which includes a computer, electrical and electronics equipment, various instrumental parts.
  • Manufacture of various machinery parts used in industries, lighting, wiring.
  • Manufacturing of scientific and professional instruments, cars, navigation systems, robots, generators.
  • Electrical engineers also assemble and design new products, carries out the installation of different components, checks quality standards of different components, and to ensure safety, reliability and proper working they test products at definite time intervals.
  • Distribution and Transmission of electrical energy, and transmitting signals in telecommunication.

With more rising demand in automation industries, telecommunication and audiovisual industries, they will be much more in demand.

  • Petroleum engineer

In the U.S, among the best-salaried jobs, petroleum engineers rank in the highest place. They are one who is responsible for researching the profitable and efficient way of extracting gas and oil from deep below the earth. They also need to work with specialists and geo-scientists.

Depending upon the methods of gathering oil from any particular well decides the value as well as the importance of that well for any particular oil company, this is one of the main reasons they are paid so well. A person living in countries enriched with oil knows better about the lifestyle of an oil man.

Bonuses and compensation are quite high in this field. The rate of salary hike is much good. By 2024 employment opportunities for petroleum engineers are expected to rise 10%.

Some of the responsibilities include-

  • They find out a strategy regarding how to imply chemicals, water, steam and gases for successful extraction of oil from reserves.
  • Carrying out research for drilling plans and secure proper function and maintenance of gas and oil extraction equipment.
  • They also need to find ways of connecting old wells to new gas and oil deposits efficiently.

With the rising technologies, an ageing workforce, industry expansion and populations demand engineers will never go down. There is no doubt regarding tough competition, but proper focus and the right choice of career selection are all needed to achieve success. Engineers are not someone who is assigned with desk jobs all the time, their work is diverse, full of challenges, great varieties and in every turn something new is waiting.

The 4 most lucrative jobs for you if you are engineering graduate!

The engineering sector is advancing and extending at a very fast pace opening doors for various jobs. Making a career in engineering is not that easy as it seems. A lot of hard work accompanied by disciplined formal studies can get you to a successful career in engineering. You should have enough skills to convert your formal studies to plan, develop and fabricate machines, structures, and operations. If you are skilled and dedicated towards your job then you shall surely land rewarding employment in this business.

Choosing the right stream for yourself can be pretty confusing and challenging. If machines, physics, mathematics, computer, space fascinates you then you shall find it easy to chalk out the best career option for yourself. Choose what you love to do because it is only then you can make the best out of it.

The career of engineering is not only attractive because of its vast exposure but also because it is regarded as one of the highest paying careers all over the world. If you want to earn in six-digits after completion of your graduation in engineering then here are the 4 best jobs for you which can get you there:

  • Computer Science Engineering-

A computer science engineer can be either a hardware engineer or a software engineer. Both of the professions pay really well but require specializations in different subjects and different methods of training.

Hardware engineers study computer science combined with portions of electrical engineering. They design and develop the physical parts of a computer. They develop personal computers, supercomputers, and workstations. They also develop computer-based systems for phones, cars, planes, electronic appliances, networks, etc. A basic skill in mathematics and physics is very important in making it big in this career.

A Software engineer implements the knowledge of computer science, mathematics, and engineering to plan, fabricate, test and maintain software for the computers developed by the hardware engineers. They write coding known as computer programs in a language that the computer understands. They also fix problems related to computer software or networks. You need to have a good hold on the programming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, etc. to make a mark in this field.

Computer science engineers are in great demand all over the world and in the coming decades, there are going to be better job options in this field. You can earn an average salary between $67,000 and $113,000 annually in this field.

  • Civil Engineering-

With the growing population, the need for more roads, water supply facilities, bridges, buildings, airport, railway stations, apartments, etc. is also increasing. More planned cities are being built. All of these are impossible without civil engineers.

A civil engineer implements mathematics, science, and engineering to design and construct all the physical constructions. They also look after the maintenance of the constructions that already exist. They are the ones responsible for the infrastructural growth of any country.

Their job varies from examining the land, applying for a permit, testing the soil, checking the raw materials for buildings, measuring the land, designing the blueprint of the construction and looking closely into each and every step related to the construction. After the construction is complete they also have to examine it to see whether it is serving the purpose and safe for use.

This branch of engineering is safe from the recession. However economic downturn a country may be facing, the job of a civil engineer is always going to be safe. The taxing part of this job has to be the constant change of site locations. As a particular project is completed the engineers will have to move to a new site location.

An average annual income of a civil engineer is between $56,000 and $95,000.

  • Petroleum Engineering-

Petroleum is one of the highly used forms of energy. Petroleum engineering has seen a sudden upliftment in recent years. A petroleum engineer’s job is to chalk out the most economical method and design the best instrument to extract oil and gas from reservoirs located far below the Earth’s surface.

They are into designing of various ways to utilize chemicals, gases, water, and steam to forcefully extract the oil from the rock bed. At first, they have to do thorough research on the reservoir’s formation and then design and develop drilling machines. They will also have to look after the proper maintenance of these machines.

They can specialize to look after various areas like the construction of wells; chalking out the safest and most economical method of drilling; looking after the production of the built-wells; regulating the amount of oil and gas that can be extracted from the reservoir.

With the increase in demand for petroleum, petroleum engineering is a great career option. The petroleum engineers are one of the highest paid engineers with a salary ranging between $105,000 and $180,000 annually.

  • Aerospace Engineering-

Aerospace engineering involves designing, developing, testing and maintenance of military aircraft, commercial aircraft, spacecraft, missiles, satellites, and other spacecraft products. They also look after the safety of the aircraft and check whether they meet the customer needs and quality standards. Aerospace engineers are having a high demand in today’s job market.

Aerospace engineers can specialize in either aeronautical engineering or astronautically engineering. Aeronautical engineering deals with the development of aircraft and its propulsion mechanism whereas Astronautical engineering deals with spacecraft and the various technologies used in their performance. You need to have a strong base in physics for both the specializations in aerospace engineering.

Though a challenging job but the aerospace engineers are very well paid. Their annual income varies from $94,000 to $145,000.

You must prepare yourself well and have a profound base in the discipline you choose to make a mark in your career.

The work engineers perform that benefits people around the globe, so the responsibilities are high as well as a good salary package and other facilities. It’s very important that every engineer should prepare himself for the challenges and keep oneself up-to-date with modern industry knowledge by gathering beneficial training, proper education and awareness of different regulations.

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