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What is the importance of concept amplifiers?

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Significance of the topic

  • Amplifiers are basically electronic devices which are designed so that they can increase the value of a signal.
  • The gain of an amplifier is actually the amount of increase which is calculated as the ratio of output signal over the signal of input. And the signal we are talking about is generally a power signal, electric current or voltage.
  • It is not necessary that output and input signals should be of the same kind.
  • Amplifiers are used in a number of applications as important devices and in the field of electronics it is very important.
  • These kinds of devices are extremely useful in the areas using sound technology, wireless communications, audio devices and for the purposes of broadcasting.
  • Understanding how they work, the principles that are to be followed in the process and the basic criteria of their functioning can help the students a lot to get comprehensive analysis on the topic.

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