Solution to the Most Critical Assignments on Amplifiers:

What are amplifiers?

An amplifier is used to improve or enhance the strength of signals. It is an electrical device. In can come in two different forms: either it can be a circuit within the device itself or it can come as a separate electrical device. Most of modern electrical appliances make use of amplifiers to increase the output power compared to the input.

How do they work?

An amplifier works by first receiving the energy from a said input source and then by modulating it in such a way that the output signal is similar in shape but is much more powerful or has greater amplitude.

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Types of amplifiers:

Amplifiers can be of different types, and assignments can be on any particular type of amplifier. With Amplifier homework help service students can solve them with ease:

  • Audio amplifiers:

They amplify the frequency ranges of audio signals.

  • RF amplifiers:

They are used for amplifying radio signals.

  • Current amplifier:

This to alter the input to produce an amplified out, but here the input impedance tends to be low while output impedance tends to be high.

  • Voltage amplifier:

This one by far has the largest application. They are used for amplifying the input voltage to produced greater output voltage. In case of a voltage amplifier the input impedance is always high while the out impedance is comparatively low.

  • Trans-resistance amplifier:

They work a little differently and their job is to respond to changing current input by generating relatively changing voltage output, thus being known as current to voltage converter.

  • Trans-conductance amplifier:

This does just the reserve of the trans-resistance amplifier, by generating a relatively changing current output to a changing voltage input.

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