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What is the importance of the topic amino acids?

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  • Amino acids are a type of organic compound and the main property of amino acids is that they are the building block for proteins.
  • Our body comprises of proteins and amino acids are the foundations for building proteins. So it contributes in a significant way for the cells, the tissues and all the muscles in our body and is crucial for conducting day to day body functions.
  • These organic compounds contain carboxyl and amine functional groups. And there is a side chain which is specific to each amino acid under consideration. Thus for biological knowledge amino acids is a really important topic.
  • The basic elements of amino acids are nitrogen, carbon, oxygen and hydrogen. Other elements are also there but they can be found in the side chains.
  • After water, amino acids(in protein form) makes up for the 2nd largest constituent in the human tissues, cells and muscles.
  • They have important role in biosynthesis and neurotransmission.
  • They are generally classified on the basis of their structural functional groups and the most common is alpha amino acids.

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