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Electric current is a very popular thing to deal with in physics. Electricity is indispensable in today’s world. Every gadget we see, works on one form of electricity or the other. There are different forms of currents which physicists use to study its properties and for other experiments.

One such type of current is called Alternating current or AC. It often appears quite tricky to some students. Such students can approach our Alternating Current assignment help any time.

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AC is the electricity that all people around the globeuse in their homes, offices and other places. Current running, lights, bulbs, heaters, radios, etc. all is AC. So what is it? Broadly, electric currents are classified into two categories:

  • Direct Current or DC (As generated from a battery)
  • Alternating Currentor AC(As found in household power supply)

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DC is that current whose direction doesnot changewith time. That means it is a current flowing in one direction only. However, if this current changes its direction with time in an alternative manner, then it is called AC.

AC is much easier to produce by power plants than DC of same amount. The AC that household power supplygets changes both its direction and amount with time in a periodic manner. But, problems that are faced by physics students in this chapter lie deeper into its theories and mathematics. They are mainly:

  • Theory of electromagnetic induction and its equations, signs and sums
  • Tricky calculative questions about mathematics of power production with an AC dynamo
  • Behavior of different electrical components of an AC circuit
  • Combinations of L-C-R circuit mathematics and its applications in electronics
  • Equation of currents, voltages and charges in complexcircuits with use of Kirchhoff’s law

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