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Designing and analysis of algorithms have various rules, laws or theorems to be followed that students are observed to face difficulty in various ways. They find difficulty in topics like:

Asymptotic notations.

The asymptotic notation is a language that helps to analyze an algorithm’s running time when an input size is increased. It also helps to identify the behavior of the algorithm with the increased input. In short, you can get to know the growth rate of a programming model.

Students have to deal with such questions in the algorithm based homework and assignments and they find it hard to get the answers. Taking our help online is a good option for the students to get qualitative answers for their homework and assignments.

Knapsack problem.

A combinatorial optimization problem is a Knapsack problem. Used in greedy algorithms for the analysis and designs.  In the mathematical models, it appears to be a sub-problem and needs a good understanding to solve the algorithms with knapsack problem in the correct way.

Job sequencing problem.

A job sequencing problem has an objective to search for a sequence of job in a way that they get finished before the given deadline and along with this, it givesmaximum profit. The job sequencing problem is adifficult one to deal with but by the correct and accurate answers

Prims algorithm.

For a weighted unwanted graph, the algorithm helps in finding a spanning tree. It helps in finding the subset in order to form a tree with the vertex of all the edges. Students need to learn it and understand it well so that the use of the algorithm is properly done to include all the subset in a way that the weight is minimized.

Graph traversal.

Graph Traversal is also a tree-based algorithm where each vertex of the graph can be visited by iterations. In this, two algorithms are used which are

  • The Depth-first search
  • Breadth-first search

The algorithms should be coded in a way that the iteration should be covered through all the nodes.

Matrix manipulation.

In matrix manipulation, the number of rows and columns are fixed and for the multiplication process, the rows present in the first matrix should be as same as the number of columns present in the second matrix.

And so on.

Like the names suggest, these algorithms are designed to solve particular problems like graph traversal is to programmatically find values of graphs, or matrix manipulation performs various calculations involving the matrices.

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How to write a good algorithm?

When it is included in your course to write an algorithm may be for programming, computer science or anything certain points should be considered:

  • You should never forget that an algorithm is a step-wise program
  • You should use the syntax where necessary
  • Try to give a sub-number list if there are any loops present in the algorithm
  • For programming, include variables and also their usage
  • If the loop fails then there should be an option to go back to the last step number.
  • The steps should be precisely used and defined
  • The algorithm should have a finite number of execution of the commands or instructions.

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