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What is double entry system?

Double entry system is also known as bookkeeping. As per the concept of double entry system, a company creates 2 accounts for their business transaction.

In equation form, it is depicted as,

Assets = liabilities + owner’s equity

Pros and cons of this system

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Advantages of this system

  1. It helps in maintaining the precise transaction information in book of account
  2. A company can determine its financial position by the end of their accounting period
  3. A company can keep check on their balances and can also avoid frauds with the help of this system

Disadvantages of this system

  1. It is complicated and difficult to be comprehended by anyone except its specialist
  2. Error of omission can’t be discerned if is not registered in the book of accounts

Problems related to this topic that solves

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  • Accrual basis
  • Error of omission
  • Basis of accounting
  • Error of principle
  • Concept of cash basis
  • Compensation of errors

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