Adhere to the MLA Research Paper Outline

MLA Research Paper Outline
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The Modern Language Association is the one that is responsible for developing the MLA format. The MLA was developed to be used by researches,scholars, and students in the fields of language and literature and so that a uniform format is used for assignments and papers. This makes the assignment and the research papers consistent to read. MLA style of writing has today become a part of many subjects and is not just restricted to language or literature.

The MLA citing format and guidelines for the submitted work has to be adhered to.

What is the MLA FORMAT?

The guide for the MLA format should be known before you start writing a research paper following the MLA guideline.What is the MLA format? It is a structure that has to befollowed in there search or essay paper which makes reading easy.

The formatting overview of the MLA format

The MLA research paper outline has to adhere to the following guidelines. The MLA format is made of the different modules, which should be adhered to when you develop the MLA paper.

  • Choice of paper

For a permissible submission, the MLA research paper outlineformat asks you to use only white paper. The paper should be standard and of high quality. The ideal size of the paper should be used, however if you need to use another size you need to take permission for that.

Heading instructions for the MLA research paper outline:

This offers you two options:

  • Either the format of the MLA heading could be placed on the first page and on the
  • A page for the title can be added at the front of the paper. However there is no official way to form a title page for the MLA standard or any standard MLA cover page format.

The first items should be the writer’s full name which should be positioned one inch distance from the left margin and the top. After a two space gap put the instructor’s name, and the other particulars should be mentioned.

The title needs to be aligned such that it sits at the center if the MLA paper. Make sure that the title iswritten in the standard lettering and there should be no use of bold fonts, underlines, italics or there is usage of quotation marks.

  • Running the head and the page numbers

The running head is a heading in brief and this is placed on the top and towards the right of each page in every project. This will have the last name of the writer and the page number with a space.

Do however check if there are any spcific instructions from yoru instructor. You would then have to follow those over the MLA research paper outline.

  •   Margins

One inch margin should be placed on the entire page. All that you can write on the one inch margin is the running head.

  •   Paragraphs

The first word that you write in each paragraph should be indented. The sentence should start at a distance of a half inch from the first margin. The tab button should be used to leave one half inch.Make sure that the paragraphs have a double space…

  • Quotation

The quotations need to be added into the assignment. This is used for defending an argument or to state a point. But make sure that quotes do not take up the bulk of your assignment and that they are sprinkled uniformly through the assignment. Also makes sure that the credit is given to the one who has written the quote.

  • Paraphrases

The paraphrases are used when the text or the speech from some other source is added to the project.The writer however wants to summarise it and write it in his own words. The writer will modify it from some other source,but it is still important that the source is credited.

  • Spacing

The entire paper should include double spaced lines. The two spaced lines should be present in the body in the heading andin the reference page.

  •  The font and the font size

You can use a font style that is easy to read. However the popularly used fonts in MLA research paper outline are Aerial and Times New Roman.

The 12- font size is the standard font size used.

  •   Punctuation

When using punctuations you need to follow some guidelines when using the MLA format.

  1. Commas-

The commas need to be used where the reader should pause so that it makes easy to understand the jest.

  1. Concluding sentence –

The next sentence after punctuation should begin with one space.


When you include some quote in the paper or the assignment the period should be placed outside the parenthesis. This is towards the sentence end.

  • Abbreviations

The abbreviations should be rarely used in an MLA style research paper. It is important that the abbreviations are spelled out and used in full words. This makes understating easy and prevents any scope for confusion. However in rare cases those abbreviations are used in an MLA paper periods should not be placed between the capital letters.